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Desert - Hebron - Jericho - Beer Sheva


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Vocation of Moses - the burning bush

The Covenant on Mount Sinai

The vision of God

The Manna


Food of Angels

Food of Angels

Disbelief at Kadesh

From Kadesh to Moab

The bronze serpent

The serpent in the desert

Exigences of the Revelation

The law of the one true God

Circumcision of the heart

Memory of the Exodus


The judgment of God

I will turn mountain and hill to desert

The two Covenants

Faith of the Ancients

Jesus is greater than Moses

God sent Moses

The two Covenants (Hagar and Sarah)


The Good Samaritan

The Temptation of Jesus in the desert -Quarantine

Rivers flow in the desert

Come to the water all you who are thirsty

Prepare a way for the Lord in the Desert

As a deer longs for running streams


Names of Places possessed by the tribe of Judah

Rehoboam fortified Tekoa

Habitants of Tekoa help to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem

Native Land of the prophet Amos

Kiriath Arba under the patriarchs

Cave bought by Abraham

Spies sent by Moses (grapes)

David is consecrated king by men of Judah

The reign of David: seven years

Absalom is born there

Joab kills Abner

David orders those who killed Saul to be put to death

Revolt of Absalom


Abraham settles at the oak of Mamre

Apparition of three Men

Jacob arrives at the house of Isaac at Kiriath Arba

Dreams of Joseph, he leaves to look for his brothers

Jacob leaves for Egypt


Crossing of the Jordan

Two spies sent there - city taken by Joshua

Rebuilt under the reign of Ahab

Prophets Elijah and Elisha

Elisha's words purified the water of the spring

Famous for its roses

Cure of the blind man

Cure of the blind man

Cure of the blind man

Zacchaeus on the sycomore tree

Temptation of Jesus - Quarantine Mountain

It was through faith that the walls of Jericho fell down

Desert of Zin

Sojourn of the Patriarchs

Spies sent to explore the land

Death of Miriam, sister of Moses

Waters of Meriba of Kadesh - rebellion

Memory of sending spies

Camping in the desert of Zin

Eleven days - Horeb to Kadesh

To Kadesh through the crossing of River Zeret: 38 years

Moses' death on Mount Nebo

Meriba's recall

Recall of Kadesh's sojourn

Achior's speech relating the history of the Hebrews

The Lord shakes the wilderness of Kadesh

Boundary south of Judah

Well of Seven

Agreement between Abraham and Abimelech

Isaac renews the covenant and builds an altar

The Lord asks Jacob to go to Egypt

Hagar saved by the Lord

Sons of Samuel were judged in Beersheva

Elija's journey to Horeb

Occupied by Israel after the exile

Destruction of high places by Josiah


The king of Arad attacks Israel



Well of Seven

They camp at Ezion-geber