01/01/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of Mary, Mother of God
06/01/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of Epiphany
10/01/2019 Conferences & Lectures "The Problem of Torture and the Cautio Criminalis by Friedrich Spee, S.J. (1591-1635)"
13/01/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
14/01/2019 Exhibitions, festivals and other events Presentation of the book "Itinera ad loca sancta. I libri di viaggio delle Biblioteche Francescane di Gerusalemme. Catalogo delle edizioni dei secoli XV-XVII
 14/01/2019 -> 15/01/2019 Conferences & Lectures "The Invention of the Holy Land in Early Christianity – and the Churches of Tabgha"
 14/01/2019 -> 15/01/2019 Conferences & Lectures Travelling to Jerusalem in the early modern Age (Presentation of the book: "Itinera ad loca sancta")
16/01/2019 Conferences & Lectures « L’actualité oecuménique en 2018 » (en français)
 18/01/2019 -> 20/01/2019 Orthodox Church Feasts Pilgrimage of the Orthodox Churches to the Baptism Site
 18/01/2019 -> 26/01/2019 Orthodox Church Feasts Armenian Orthodox Christmas
 19/01/2019 -> 27/01/2019 Prayer Meetings WEEK OF PRAYER FOR CHRISTIAN UNITY 2019
20/01/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Beginning of the Signs of the Lord
29/01/2019 Conferences & Lectures A Christian reflection on land in Israel-Palestine today
29/01/2019 Conferences & Lectures Achievements and Challenges of Jewish-Catholic Relations in the Pope Francis Era
29/01/2019 Christian memory Sts. Paula and Eustochio

02/02/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Presentation of the Lord
08/02/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of St. Maroun
10/02/2019 Prayer Meetings Taize Prayer the Salesian Monastery Ratisbonne
 10/02/2019 -> 11/02/2019 Catholic Church Feasts XXVII World Day of the Sick
11/02/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Dedication of the Co-Cathedral
12/02/2019 Conferences & Lectures Tuesdays at Tantur "A Jewish Reading of the New Testament"
12/02/2019 Concerts Concert at Notre Dame Center
18/02/2019 Conferences & Lectures The first American Colony in the Holy Land
24/02/2019 Prayer Meetings Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mass at Felm Center
26/02/2019 Conferences & Lectures The Contribution of the Church of Algeria to Christian-Muslim Relations
27/02/2019 Concerts Sufi Concert at the Austrian Hopice
28/02/2019 Conferences & Lectures From Apocalypse to Exodus. Biblical discorses in reverse order

02/03/2019 Other Day of Open Door in the Dormition Abbey
02/03/2019 Concerts Concert in the Dormition Abbey
06/03/2019 Lent time Ash Wednesday
08/03/2019 Prayer Meetings Open Skies Worhsip Night Jerusalem
09/03/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Resurrection of the son of the widow of Nain
 09/03/2019 -> 10/03/2019 Lent time First Sunday in Lent
11/03/2019 Concerts Film Music Concert 2
12/03/2019 Conferences & Lectures Tuesdays in Tantur "Translating Research into Practice in the Holy Land"
 16/03/2019 -> 17/03/2019 Lent time Second Sunday in Lent
 19/03/2019 -> 20/03/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of St. Joseph
20/03/2019 Lent time Spiritual Pilgrimage to Dominus Flevit
 23/03/2019 -> 24/03/2019 Lent time Third Sunday in Lent
23/03/2019 Concerts Organ Concert at the Church of the Redeemer
24/03/2019 Concerts Concert at the Redeemer Church "Brass for Peace"
25/03/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Annunciation
26/03/2019 Conferences & Lectures Tuedays at Tantur Conference
27/03/2019 Lent time Spiritual Pilgrimage to Gethsemane
28/03/2019 Prayer Meetings Taize prayer at the House of Saints Simeon and Anne
 30/03/2019 -> 31/03/2019 Lent time Fourth Sunday in Lent

01/04/2019 Conferences & Lectures "The Jewish Bible and the Christian ‘Old Testament’: Reflections on the Formation of Authoritative Writings in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity"
03/04/2019 Lent time Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Convent of the Flagellation
04/04/2019 Lent time Spiritual Pilgrimage to Bethany
 06/04/2019 -> 07/04/2019 Lent time Fifth Sunday in Lent
09/04/2019 Conferences & Lectures Tuesday in Tantur Lecture
10/04/2019 Lent time Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Lithostrotos
12/04/2019 Lent time Seven sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary
 13/04/2019 -> 14/04/2019 Lent time Palm Sunday
13/04/2019 Lent time Spiritual Pilgrimage to Betfage
15/04/2019 Prayer Meetings Taize Prayer of the Adoration of the Cross at Tantur
 15/04/2019 -> 20/04/2019 Lent time Holy Week
 18/04/2019 -> 22/04/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Easter 2018
19/04/2019 Prayer Meetings Taize Prayer of the Adoration of the Cross at Tantur
22/04/2019 Courses, Retreats and Pilgrimages Walk to Emmaus (Nicopolis)
22/04/2019 Other Walk to Emmaus on Easter Monday
22/04/2019 Courses, Retreats and Pilgrimages Walk to Emmaus (Qubeibeh)
25/04/2019 Conferences & Lectures The Holy Shroud Conference
28/04/2019 Conferences & Lectures Open Lecture at Caspari Center

07/05/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Invention of the Holy Cross
10/05/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Eucharistic Promise
16/05/2019 Christian Feasts & Events Ordination to Priesthood
30/05/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Ascension of the Lord
31/05/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Visitation

07/06/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Manifestation of the Lord to his disciples at the sea of Galilee
09/06/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Pentecost
13/06/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of St. Anthony of Padua, Patron of the CTS
20/06/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
24/06/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist
28/06/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
29/06/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul

01/07/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Most Precious Blood of Jesus
15/07/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Dedication of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher
16/07/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of our Lady of Mount Carmel
22/07/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of St. Mary Magdalene
25/07/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of St. James the Apostle
26/07/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne
29/07/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of Sts. Martha and Mary

06/08/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord
11/08/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of St. Clare of Assisi
15/08/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Assumption
24/08/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of St. Bartholomew

08/09/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of Nativity of B.V.M.
14/09/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Exaltation of the Holy Cross
17/09/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Stigmata of St. Francis
23/09/2019 Christian memory Sts. Zecharia and Elizabeth
25/09/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of Sts. Cleophas and Simeon
29/09/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Spiritual Pilgrimage to Emmaus Qubeibeh

04/10/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of St. Francis
12/10/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Feast of the Activity, Preaching and Signs of the Lord
14/10/2019 Christian memory Dimas the penitent thief

01/11/2019 Catholic Church Feasts All Saints Day
02/11/2019 Christian memory Commemoration of the death
24/11/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

01/12/2019 Advent I Advent
08/12/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Immaculate Conception
 24/12/2019 -> 30/12/2019 Catholic Church Feasts Christmas 2019/20