Conferences & Lectures

10/01/2019 Conferences & Lectures "The Problem of Torture and the Cautio Criminalis by Friedrich Spee, S.J. (1591-1635)"
 14/01/2019 -> 15/01/2019 Conferences & Lectures "The Invention of the Holy Land in Early Christianity – and the Churches of Tabgha"
 14/01/2019 -> 15/01/2019 Conferences & Lectures Travelling to Jerusalem in the early modern Age (Presentation of the book: "Itinera ad loca sancta")
16/01/2019 Conferences & Lectures « L’actualité oecuménique en 2018 » (en français)
29/01/2019 Conferences & Lectures A Christian reflection on land in Israel-Palestine today
29/01/2019 Conferences & Lectures Achievements and Challenges of Jewish-Catholic Relations in the Pope Francis Era

12/02/2019 Conferences & Lectures Tuesdays at Tantur "A Jewish Reading of the New Testament"
18/02/2019 Conferences & Lectures The first American Colony in the Holy Land
26/02/2019 Conferences & Lectures The Contribution of the Church of Algeria to Christian-Muslim Relations
28/02/2019 Conferences & Lectures From Apocalypse to Exodus. Biblical discorses in reverse order

12/03/2019 Conferences & Lectures Tuesdays in Tantur "Translating Research into Practice in the Holy Land"
26/03/2019 Conferences & Lectures Tuedays at Tantur Conference

01/04/2019 Conferences & Lectures "The Jewish Bible and the Christian ‘Old Testament’: Reflections on the Formation of Authoritative Writings in Second Temple Judaism and Early Christianity"
09/04/2019 Conferences & Lectures Tuesday in Tantur Lecture
25/04/2019 Conferences & Lectures The Holy Shroud Conference
28/04/2019 Conferences & Lectures Open Lecture at Caspari Center

07/05/2019 Conferences & Lectures Tuesdays at Tantur Conference
17/05/2019 Conferences & Lectures I Part of Seminar "How did the Bible come to us"
28/05/2019 Conferences & Lectures Tuesdays at Tantur "Demons and the Interpretation of Scripture in the New Testament"

12/06/2019 Conferences & Lectures Buchlesung in der Dormitio

09/07/2019 Conferences & Lectures Tuesdays at Tantur Conference "A Wider History of Salvation? Tantur's Mission Today"
29/07/2019 Conferences & Lectures “JHWH knows the way of the righteous” (Psalm 1:6). The Psalter and the ethos of recognition
30/07/2019 Conferences & Lectures The emergence of the Qur‘anic proclamation out of liturgy

28/10/2019 Conferences & Lectures The 2019 Interfaith Seminary Symposium on Ecological Behavior in Jerusalem