Feasts 2012

Catholic Feast 2012

January 1st - Holy Mother of God
January 6th - Epiphany
January 8th - Baptism of the Lord (River Jordan)

February 22nd - Ash Wednesday (Lent time)
March 25th - Annunciation
April 1st - Palm Sunday
April 6th - Good Friday
May 17th - Ascension
May 27th - Pentecost

June 3rd - Trinity Sunday
June 7th - Corpus Christi
June 24th - Nativity of St. John the Baptist
June 29th - Sts. Peter and Paul
June 15th - Sacred Heart of Jesus
August 15th - Assumption
September 14th - Exaltation of the Holy Cross
November 1st - All Saints

December 2nd - Advent - 1st Sunday
December 8th - Immaculate Conception
December 25th - Christmas Day

Orthodox Feasts 2012

January 7th - The Nativity of our Lord
January 14th - New Year, Circumcision
January 18th - Blessing of the Holy Water (River Jordan) (Greek)
January 19th - Blessing of the Holy Water (River Jordan) (Syrian &Copts)
January 19th - Epiphany
January 20th - St. John the Baptist
February 15th - Presentation

March 4th - Lent - Orthodoxy Sunday
March 18th - Veneration of the Hl. Cross
April 8th - Palm Sunday
April 15th - EASTER SUNDAY
May 24th - Ascension
June 3rd - Pentecost

August 19th - Transfiguration
August 25th - Procession with the Icon of the Virgin Mary (+ 5.00 am) from the Holy Sepulchre to the Tomb of Mary.
August 27th - Burial Ceremony of the Virgin Mary (11.00 am) at the Tomb of Mary
September 5th - Bringing back of the Icon of Virgin Mary from the Tomb of Mary to the Holy Sepulchre (6.30 am)
August 28th - Assumption
September 14th - New Year of the Church
September 27th - Exaltation of the Holy Cross
November 16th - St. George
December 2nd - Advent - 1st Sunday

Armenian Orthodox Feasts 2012

January 11th - James the Major and St. John
January 19th - Christmas Day
February 5th - Beginning of the Lenten Tridion
February 19th - Presentation of the Lord in the Temple
February 26th - Great Lent Sunday
March 3rd - Saint Vartan
July 22nd - Transfiguration
August 28th - Assumption
September 30th - Exaltation of the Holy Cross
October 14th - Feast of the Holy Cross of Varak
November 11th - Finding of the Holy Cross

Jewish Feasts (5772 - 5773)

March 8th/ 9th - Purim (Esther)
April 7th – 13th - Pesach (Passover)
May 27th - Shavuot (Pentecost)
July 28th - Tisha B’Av
September 17th - Rosh Hashana 5773 (New Year)
September 26th - Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)
October 2nd- 7th - Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)
October 8th - Simchat Torah (Rejoicing the Law)
December 9th- 14th - Chanukah (Feast of the Light)

Moslem Feasts (1434 - 1435)

November 26th (2011) - New Year – 1st Hegira 1433
February 4th - Birth of Mohammed
June 16th - Miraj (Ascension of Mohammed)
July 20th - First Day of Ramadan
August 19th - Feast of Ramadan (Eid El Fitr) (end)
August 14th - Lailatul-Qadr (Night of Power)
October 26th - Feast of the Sacrifice (El Adha)
November 15th (2012) - New Year – Hegira 1434

Samaritan Feasts 2012

May 5th - Samaritan Easter (Services at 7.00 pm the day before)

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