Welcome to the Franciscan Pilgrims Office (FPO)

The Franciscan Pilgrims’ Office (FPO) coordinates Mass celebrations, Holy Hours and Prayer Services in the Shrines of the Custody of the Holy Land.

Mass reservations and bookings of Holy Hours can be made for individual priests or groups with their own priest.

Altars are available in some shrines for non-Catholic groups.

List of shrines booked by the FPO in Jerusalem and surroundings:

Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher
- The Holy Tomb (in the early morning - only for Latin right celebrations)
- The Calvary (in the early morning - only for Latin right celebrations)
- Franciscan Chapels (only for Catholic groups)

Church of St. Savior (New Gate)

Convent of the Flagellation
- Chapel of the Flagellation (only for Catholic goups)
- Sentence Chapel (only for Catholic groups)

Convent of Mount Zion "Ad Sanctum Coenaculum"
- Chapel (only for Catholic groups)

The Gethsemane
- Basilica of the Agony (only for Catholic groups)
NOTE: The International Holy Hour in the Basilica of Gethsemane takes place at 20:00 EXCEPT for every first Thursday of the month, it takes place at 20:30.
- Grotto of the Gethsemane (only for Catholic groups)
- Private Garden (for all denominations)

Dominus Flevit
- Inside Chapel (only for Catholic groups)
- Outside altar (for all denominations)

Convent of Betfage
- Church (only for Catholic groups)
- Chapel (for all denominations)
- Outside altar (for all denominations)

Convent of Bethany
- Church of St. Lazarus (only for Catholic groups)
- Crusaders Chapel (only for Catholic groups)

Ein Kerem - Nativity Church of St. John the Baptist
- Church (only for Catholic groups)

Ein Kerem - Church of the Visitation
- Church (only for Catholic groups)
- Outside altar (for all denominations)

Bethlehem - Nativity Church
- Manger Grotto (in the morning - only Latin right celebrations)
NOTE: Due to the Status Quo, several denominations celebrate Mass in The Manger Grotto, therefore even though your group MUST be 15 minutes early for their booked Mass, if the previous Mass isn't finished you must be patient and await your turn.
- Church of St. Catherine (only for Catholic groups)
- St. Helen's Chapel (only for Catholic groups)
- Grotto of St. Joseph (only for Catholic groups)
- Grotto of St. Jerome (only for Catholic groups)

Bethlehem - Milk Grotto Church
- Byzantine Chapel (Outside altar)
- Mother of God Church
- Chapel of the Holy Family
- The Milk Grotto

Bethlehem - Shepherds' Field
There are grottos and prayers spaces available for all denominations.

Jericho Convent
- The Good Shepherd's Church (only for Catholic groups)
- The chapel (for all denominations)

List of shrines booked by the FPO in Galilee:

Capernaum - City of Jesus
- St. Peter's Memorial (only for Catholic groups)
- Outside altar at the seashore (for all denominations)

Magdala - Church "Duc In Altum" (Regnum Christi)
- Boat Chapel
- Daughter of Jairus Chapel
- Encounter Chapel
- Fishers of Men Chapel
- Mary Magdalene Chapel
- Walking on Water Chapel

Tabgha - Primacy of Peter
- First altar "The Amphitheater" (only for Catholic groups)
- Second altar (for all denominations)
- Third altar (for all denominations)

Cana - Convent of the First Miracle
- Wedding Church (only for Catholic groups)
- Cana Chapel (for all denominations)
- Cana small chapel (for all denominations)
- Cana outside altar (for all denominations)
Renewal of wedding vows of couples that travel without a group

Mount Tabor:
- Basilica of the Transfiguration (only for Catholic groups)
- Elijah's Chapel (only for Catholic groups)
- Moses's Chapel (only for Catholic groups)
- St. Peter's Tent (for all denominations)
- Outside altars (for all denominations)

Nazareth - Basilica of The Annunciation
- Upper Basilica
- St. Joseph’s Church
- Chapel St. Anna
- Lower Basilica
- New Chapel

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