Online exhibition on the story of Father Augustìn Arce (1884-1984)

On the occasion of the appointment of the new Custos of the Holy Land, Father Francesco Patton O.F.M., the General Library of the Custody would like to pay its homage to him by presenting an online exhibition on the story of Father Augustìn Arce (1884-1984), franciscan friar in Jerusalem.
An important figure that exuded a profound commitment to his pastoral vocation with the love for the history and culture of the Holy Land; an erudite and a most accurate historian, Father Arce did outstanding work regarding the collections preserved in St. Saviour’s Monastery. His bibliographical works, exceptional for their precision and thoroughness, are still valuable and up-to-date.
This quiet, methodical friar was not only a brilliant scholar ahead of his time but also a warm and friendly man, capable up to the end of his life of marvelling and singing with joy as he watched a Jerusalem white with snow. A man in love with life, both meek and indomitable, a tireless traveller who traversed the whole world.
This digital exhibition, presented in Italian and Spanish, is organised in fourteen panels accompanied by more than fifty archival pictures. It aims to underline the importance of this figure, highlighting his profile as a scholar and writer; and to laud his leading role in the history of St. Saviour’s Library during the 20th century.
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Bro. Lionel Goh OFM, Director of the General Library
Prof. Edoardo Barbieri Ph.D., Director of CRELEB (Università Cattolica di Milano)

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