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Bat Kol Institute

“Bat Kol Institute for Jewish Studies” (founded in 1983) is a non-profit, international, ecumenical institution founded in response to Vatican II (Nostra Aetate), and subsequent explanatory documents (Guidelines ‘75; Notes '85) as a Center of Jewish Studies for Christians, in the heart of Jerusalem.

Contact info:
Bat Kol Institute
P.O.Box 8030
Jerusalem 9108001
Tel. +972 (0)52 5578404
Fax: +972 (0)2 650 7661


Bethlehem Bible College

Annual program (Sept. to May) - Arabic
3-week program for foreign students - English
Tour guide training program (B.A. degree required) - English
2-year Mass Media training Program – English & Arabic

Hebron Road, Bethlehem
Mailing address: P.O.B. 11737, Jerusalem 9111602
Tel: +972(0)2-2741190
Fax: +972 (0)2-2743278


Bethlehem University - Saint Cyril Catechetical Program

Two years course (two afternoons each week) - Arabic/English

Bethlehem University (Faculty of Education),
Mailing address: P.O.B. 11407, Jerusalem 9111301

Tel: +972 (0)2-2741241 - ext. 204
Fax: +972 (0)2-2744440


Center for Biblical Formation

Biblical Studies in English, French and Spanish

Ecce Homo, 41 Via Dolorosa
Mailing address: P.O.B. 67597, Jerusalem 9167502

Tel: +972 (0)2-6263126
Fax: +972 (0)2-6276797

German Protestant Institute of Archaeology

Archaeological studies (8 weeks-course a year)
For graduates and professors - German

Mount of Olives, Auguste Victoria Compound,
Mailing address: P.O.B. 18463, Jerusalem 9118301

Tel: +972 (0)2-6284792
Fax: +972 (0)2-6287388


Dormition Abbey

German academical Study Program, annual program of theological and biblical studies in German

Beit Joseph, Mount Zion
Mailing address: P.O.B. 22, Jerusalem 9100001

Tel: +972 (0)2-5655300 (office),
Tel: +972 (0)2-5655301 (dean)
Fax: +972 (0)2-5655337

Ecole Biblique et Archeologique Française

Biblical and archaeological studies in French
Required languages: French, biblical Hebrew and Greek, German

6 Nablus Road, Jerusalem
Mailing address: P.O.B. 19053, Jerusalem 9119001

Tel: +972 (0)2-6264468
Fax: +972 (0)2-6282567


Hebrew University - Jerusalem
Rothberg Intern. Institute

Boyar Building.
Program for overseas students. Israel and Middle East Studies,
Jewish and Biblical studies, Hebrew language. M.A. programs:
Jewish Civilization,
The Bible and its world. Academic and Semester Studies

Contact info:
Mt. Scopus, P.O.B. 24100, Jerusalem 91905
Tel: 00972 (0)2-5882607
Fax: 00972 (0)2-5827078

Home for Bible Translators and Scholars

HBT, founded in 1994, provides semester and short-term study programs especially for mother-tongue Bible translators and Bible translation consultants to learn the language of the Bible in the land of the Bible. Semester programs have alternated between French and English. Short Term programs vary but are often in English.

Contact Information:
Home for Bible Translators and Scholars
POB 34120, Jerusalem 91340
Tel/Fax: 00972-(0)2-533-3793


Institut Biblique Francophone

Biblical Studies

Contact info:
Prophets' Street 20, P.O.B. 1614, Jerusalem 91016
Tel: 00972 (0)544-733092
Fax: 00972 (0)2-6264497

Jerusalem University College (American)

Graduate Programs: M.A. degree in Ancient History of
Semitic Languages; Hebrew Bible Translation; Middle Eastern
Studies, N.T. backgrounds.
Undergraduate Courses: Archaeology, History, historical Geography,
Hebrew, Modern Middle Eastern Studies, N.T. backgrounds.
2/3/6 week study programs

Contact info:
Mount Zion, P.O.B. 1276, Jerusalem 91012
Tel: 00972 (0)2-6718628
Fax: 00972 (0)2-6732717


Kenyon Institute
(Formerly British School of Archaeology)

For research students and scholars in the Archaeology of the
Levant - English
Opening Hours: Sun - Thurs 9.30 am - 4.30 pm

Contact info:
Mount of Olives 15, Sheikh Jarrah, P.O.B 19283, Jerusalem 91192
Tel: 00972 (0)2-5828101
Fax: 00972 (0)2-5323844

Latin Patriarchate Seminary

Philosophical courses (B.A. in Philosophy) French, Arabic
Theological and Biblical courses (B.A. in Theology) - French, Arabic

Rector: Rev. Adib Zoomot

Contact info:
P.O.B. 3, Beit Jala
Tel: 00972 (0)2-2742612
Fax: 00972 (0)2-2777747


Pontifical Biblical Institute

Affiliated with the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome as an academic
institute for its faculty and students when doing researchor study in the Holy Land;
July-Feb.: regular students in programme at Hebrew University
Feb.-June: regular students in programme at Ecole Biblique. English,
Italian, Hebrew
Director: Rev. Joseph Nguyen Cong Doan, S.J.

Contact info:
Paul-Emile Botta Street 3, P.O.B. 497, Jerusalem 91004
Tel: 00972 (0)2-6252843
Fax: 00972 (0)2-6241203

Saint George’s College

Biblical orientation courses in the Holy Land, Egypt, Greece
and Turkey Programs are in English and scheduled from
January – December

Contact info:
Salah Eddin Street 31, P.O.B. 1248, Jerusalem 91190
Tel: 00972 (0)2-6264704
Fax: 00972 (0)2-6264703


Studium Biblicum Franciscanum (SBF)

Faculty of Biblical Sciences and Archaeology of the Pontifical
University "Antonianum"; licentiate (S.S.L.) and doctoral (S.S.D.)
degrees; Diplomas in Oriental Biblical Studies, Archaeology and in Bbiblical Formation.
Archaeological research, Museum. Library. Publications.
Dean: Rev. Massimo Pazzini, OFM

Contact info:
1 Via Dolorosa, P.O.B. 19424, Jerusalem 91193
Tel: 00972 (0)2-6270485
Fax: 00972 (0)2-6264519

Studium Theologicum "Saints Peter and Paul"

Affiliated to the Faculty of the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome
Theological Studies - Quadriennial curriculum in English

Contact info:
Shmuel Hanaggid St. 26, P.O.B. 7336, Jerusalem 91072
Tel: 00972 (0)2-6259171
Fax: 00972 (0)2-6259172


Studium Theologicum Jerosolymitanum (STJ)

Theological and Biblical Studies - Italian

Contact info:
St. Francis Street 1, P.O.B. 186, Jerusalem 91001
Tel: 00972 (0)2-6266787
Fax: 00972 (0)2-6262148

Swedish Theological Institute

Jewish and biblical studies, Eastern Churches, lectures
(Swedish & English) - Study of ancient and modern Hebrew

Contact info:
Prophets Street 58, P.O.B. 37, Jerusalem 91000
Tel: 00972 (0)2-6253822
Fax: 00972 (0)2-6254460


Tantur Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies

All-year program for junior and senior scholars with their research-
writing projects. Continuing Education/Spiritual Formation sessions
for parish clergy, religion teachers, theological students & other
church workers. English

Contact info:
1 HaRosmarin Street, P.O.B. 11381, Jerusalem 91113
Tel: 00972 (0)2-6760911
Fax: 00972 (0)2-6760914

University of the Holy Land

Center for the Studies of Early Christianity
Administrative Office is located at Tantur, 1104 HaRozmarin, Gilo
M.A. degrees in N.T. and Early Christianity; Old Testament and
Culture of Ancient Israel; Inter-testamental History and
Literature/Dead Sea Scrolls); Cultural Anthropology/Pilgrimages
Studies, and Archaeology

Contact info:
Mount Scopus, P.O.B. 24084, Jerusalem 91240
Tel: 00972 (0)2-6453570
Fax: 00972 (0)2-6764758


W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeology

For research work in Archaeology mainly English - Academic year

Contact info:
Salah Eddin Street 26, P.O.B. 19096, Jerusalem 91190
Tel: 00972 (0)2-6282131
Fax: 00972 (0)2-6264424

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